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The New ‘Star Wars’ Cast Talks About What It Was Like Making ‘The Force Awakens’

You’ve seen the record-breaking film, now get the behind-the-scenes scoop!

John Boyega

“The guy in the C-3PO suit never took off the costume. Not once. I tried talking to him one time, and he just looked at me and smoke started pouring out of his mask. He wouldn’t go home at night, either. He’d just lie perfectly still on the set and wait for everyone to come back the next day. It didn’t seem to bother anyone else, but I’ll admit it made me feel a little weird.”

Adam Driver

“Every day I would show up to craft services hoping there’d be some space-themed food, but there never was. Which is a shame, because I think that would’ve really boosted morale. Like, if you’re serving meatballs, just call them meat asteroids. Or, if you’re serving grapes, call them fruit asteroids. It’s not that hard.”

Lupita Nyong’o

“I spent countless hours in hair and makeup. Every morning I’d get to set at 4 a.m., and they’d spend 7 hours putting the Chewbacca costume on me. Then they’d immediately spend 7 more hours taking it off. It was all worth it.”

Oscar Isaac

“I was born and raised on George Lucas’ ranch, so this movie was very important for me to get right. I think we stayed really true to his original vision, so hopefully he’ll let me come back and see all my little brothers and sisters again.”

Outerspace James

“It was an incredible experience, probably the highlight of my life. J.J. is a genius, and these actors are all so talented. I’ll cherish these memories forever, and I can’t wait to get to work on Episode VIII.”

Daisy Ridley

“Before shooting started, they grated up the Yoda puppet. They had a bowl of the shavings at craft services every day. Nobody ever touched it. It just sat there, day after day. I mean, it wasn’t going to go bad or anything. Eventually I tried a tiny pinch on some pasta salad, but it didn’t add much.”