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The Tree With Legs For Leaves No Longer Kicks When You Go Near It, Which Means That Fall Is Officially Here

Welp, looks like it’s time to officially say so long to summer.

As of this week, the majestic tree with legs instead of leaves is no longer kicking people when they go near it, which can only mean one thing: Sunny days are going away, and fall is finally here.

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Yup, the grand and mighty oak—its branches teeming with pale, bristly legs that, all spring and summer, giddily endeavor to kick humans and animals alike with their black Converse tennis shoes—has officially gone limp for the year. Its legs now dangle lifelessly, a bittersweet farewell to the warm and blissful months that its once-frantic gams so merrily epitomized.

Hopefully, you were one of the millions of Americans who got a chance to visit the beloved limb-packed tree in recent months, whether to offer up your young children so that it could soundly thump their bottoms, or perhaps to hold a romantic picnic under its writhing canopy, occasionally tossing up a soccer ball and marveling as it punted the sphere powerfully beyond the horizon. If not, you’ll unfortunately have to wait until next year when the tree once again bursts chaotically, its extremities thrashing with energy after months of rest.

But, hey, fall’s not so bad! Just break out the warm sweaters and pumpkin spice paraphernalia, and try to stay cozy until everyone’s favorite tree of limbs is ready to kick us all over again.

See you next year, leg tree!

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