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These People Took Self-Portraits Before And After Angering The Bishop, And The Results Are Incredible

These powerful photographs prove what anyone who has angered the Bishop knows to be true: When the Bishop gets angry with you, the change is dramatic.

Taken mere seconds apart, these photos show just how quickly the Bishop’s temper can ignite. At one moment, the Bishop is calm. At the next…he is furious.

Here’s another juxtaposition putting the effects of the Bishop’s ire on stark display. When you anger the Bishop, it looks like this:

Sometimes, the difference between life before angering the Bishop and life after angering the Bishop is subtle but unmistakable.

These arresting images tell a powerful story: Inducing a white-hot rage in the Bishop can truly happen anywhere and without warning.

Wow. Just wow. She angered the Bishop, and the transformation was absolutely astonishing. This picture truly speaks for itself.