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These Third-Graders’ Letters To Their Teacher About How Smooth Their Wood Desks Are Will Warm Your Heart

Teaching can sometimes be a hard and thankless profession. The hours are long, the pay is low, and the meddling forces of bureaucracy can make it nearly impossible to efficiently run a classroom. But what makes being a teacher worthwhile are the little things, which is something that Lisa Haskell, a third-grade teacher at Morehead Elementary School in Fremont, NE, learned last week.

After returning from her lunch hour recently, Haskell found a pile of encouraging letters from her students on her desk and just had to share them with the world. Take a look at a few of the letters below:

Wow. If those letters don’t make you mist up a little, then you’ve got a heart of stone. It just goes to show how rewarding being a teacher can truly be!