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These Trophy Hunters Aren’t So Bad When They’re Kneeling Next To A Rolled-Up Rug

1. Gloating over a majestic bear corpse would make anyone look bad, but there’s nothing wrong with taking pride in the brand-new carpet you bought.

2. There. Isn’t that much better? Just a man posing with a good rolled-up rug.

3. No animal carcasses will ruin these photos. All that remains are the delightful patterns and pleasing textures of carpets.

4. These men are eager to carry their rug home and unfurl its beauty, and who can blame them?

5. When you see a massive handmade carpet like this one, you can only imagine how long it took for the Pakistani artisans to weave it.

6. Look! Even Prince Harry likes grinning with a nice big rug. Nothing wrong with that!