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These Words Were Added To The Dictionary In 2014

English is a changing language, and the editors at Oxford Dictionary always keep up to date with the latest terms in the cultural zeitgeist. These are the words they added in 2014.

1. Zogmosphere: A mood or feeling best characterized by zogmo. This word definitely came in handy a lot this year.

2. Zogmologist: One concerned with zogmology. Before this elegant phrase entered common parlance, we had to describe people as “really into the study of zogmology.” It’s much easier to just say, “He’s a zogmologist.”

3. Zogmopracticioner: Practitioner who partly or exclusively deals in zogmo. After Taylor Swift used this word at the VMAs, everyone started saying it.

4. Zogmoriffic: Adjective meaning zogmorical. We’re already tired of hearing people say this to try and sound cool. What’s wrong with just saying zogmorical?

5. Zogmendous: This witty portmanteau was coined by Jon Stewart to describe the prevalent zogmogization in the Obama administration.

6. Vape: Slang for electronic cigarettes, or for smoking them. Nobody seems to agree whether it’s a noun or a verb.

7. Zogmothecium: Encrustation of zogmo. We never even knew we needed this word before we first heard it, but it captured what we were always thinking.