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They Lost The Blimp, Didn’t They? The Goodyear Twitter Account Is Growing Increasingly Frantic In Its Cheeky Request For People To Tag Them In Photos Of Their Blimp Sightings

Every day, the Goodyear Blimp’s Twitter account retweets photos people have taken after spotting the iconic airship passing through their city, but from the looks of the account’s tweets today, it definitely seems like something’s off: The Goodyear Twitter account is growing increasingly frantic in its cheeky requests for people to tag them in photos of their blimp sightings.

Oh God. They lost the blimp, didn’t they?

Earlier today, the account began sending out increasingly urgent tweets that definitely give you the sense that something might’ve gone wrong:

Yikes. You can definitely sense the panic over at Goodyear HQ. Here’s hoping they’re able to find the blimp soon. In the meantime, it might be good for us to all go outside and look around for it, as it seems like Goodyear could really use the help.