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This Story About A Gorilla Mothering Some Kittens Will Be Heartwarming Once She Stops Trying To Bury Them

Well, this will be the most beautiful story you hear all day, eventually. This story about a gorilla mothering some kittens is going to melt your heart, just as soon as she stops trying to bury them.

When Bella, a 12-year-old western lowland gorilla, lost her mate, she was inconsolable. But thanks to the arrival of six adorable orphaned kittens, she finally has a purpose again. Bella and her kittens spend all of their time together, which, to be fair, currently involves a lot of Bella digging holes and trying to stuff the kittens inside. But as soon as she realizes she’s supposed to nurture and care for her new friends instead of putting them in the ground and covering them with handfuls dirt, her love will know no bounds.

Talk about next-level cute!

Just the thought of a mother gorilla caring for six tiny kittens is enough to make any animal lover swoon, and aside from the small hiccup of Bella trying to bury them, that’s pretty much what’s happening. We’re sure this will make the jump from disconcerting to heartwarming at any moment, and when it does, there better be pictures!

Soon the time Bella spends each morning forcing kittens down into the earth as her trainers rush to stop her will be official snuggle time with her new babies, and the result will be absolutely adorable. We can already tell Bella will be a great mother once she stops placing these cuties in a series of shallow, kitten-sized graves and chasing away anyone who tries to dig them back up. Mother knows best!

Wow. What an incredible tale this will be, presumably! Get ready to experience all of the feels, because once Bella manages to work this out, she and her adopted kitties will surely be a reminder of the deep, powerful bond between animals. In the meantime, get ready to share this story with your friends as soon as it becomes inspirational—it could be any day now!