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This Woman Is Combating The California Drought By Hosing Down Her Husband Just Once A Month

With California currently facing the region’s worst drought in the last 1,000 years, residents are forced to think seriously about how to conserve water in their daily lives. One concerned citizen named Jennifer Martin has taken it upon herself to tackle the problem in a radical new way: In order to reduce her water usage, she is only hosing down her husband once a month.

Way to conserve, Jennifer!

Before the drought, Jennifer used to take her husband, Jim, outside and hose him down as many as four or five times a week. But after a year in which California experienced the highest temperatures on record in 150 years, she felt that it was her personal responsibility to help out by conserving as much water as possible. So, she started limiting her husband’s hose-downs to once a month, reducing her water usage to a fraction of what it was before and doing her part to help her state.

Take that, drought!

“Once I heard how bad the drought really was, I just couldn’t justify regularly hosing my husband down in our front yard,” said Jennifer, who lives in Calabasas with Jim and their children, Stephanie and Cameron. “And the truth is, limiting Jim’s hose-downs to once a month hasn’t been that big of a sacrifice for us at all. Sure, he gets a little grimier, but it’s worth it. Our state is in a real crisis, and unless we all do our part to conserve, it’s only going to get worse.”

What an incredible story. The world could use more people like you, Jennifer! Thanks for being awesome!