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Time To Pay, Fuckers: We’re Gonna Find Out Which One Of You Little Shits Defaced Our List Of Adorable Eddie Redmayne Pics

Wow. You little pieces of shit have really done it now. We don’t know who it was, but someone found our list of adorable Eddie Redmayne photos and decided to vandalize every single one of them. Well, guess what: whether you do the right thing and confess or we have to hunt you down ourselves, you’re going to pay for this. Big-time. We are not fucking around.

Wow. Nice. Really, really nice. Which one of you miserable low-lifes did this to our adorable Eddie Redmayne pic? Huh? You clearly thought it would be funny to draw a big penis on the picture of British mega-star Eddie Redmayne we so carefully downloaded, so please, by all means, speak up! Anybody? You can hide from us if you want to, but not for long. We’ll see who’s laughing when we figure out who did this shit.

If you think we’re mad now, you should have seen us this morning when we opened up this list and saw the huge, stupid mustache one of you decided to draw on this perfectly good red carpet image of Eddie Redmayne. You know, there are Eddie Redmayne fans out there whose entire days would have been made when they saw this list, and after we track you down, you’re going to apologize to every single one of them. And you’re going to mean it. In fact, you’re going to be begging them for forgiveness. Mark our words.

Ah, left a calling card, didn’t you? “Carl,” is it? You must be the ringleader of this little dipshit brigade. And you thought you could paint your tag on our picture of Eddie Redmayne with his cute little medal and get away with it. Oh, but you won’t, Carl. Trust us, you won’t. We will rain hell down from on high when we catch up with you and delinquent pals. That’ll teach you to vandalize our website.

You little communist fucks! You might not respect us, and you might not respect Oscar-winning actor Eddie Redmayne, but at least have some respect for yourselves and keep your juvenile political bullshit off our page. We bet you don’t even know what this symbol means. You just wanted to look like a big, edgy cool guy and impress all your dipshit friends. Well, was it worth it? It won’t be when we make you pay for this, idiots. Believe that.

You know, there were children who were going to look at this Eddie Redmayne list. Innocent children who just wanted to see the guy from Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them looking mega-cute on How would you like it if your little brother googled Eddie Redmayne and all he found was your vulgar little poem about drugs? You know what — you probably wouldn’t even care. You just don’t give a fuck, do you? Well, don’t worry: we’re going to figure out who you are and we’re going to make you regret ever defacing our Eddie Redmayne list. Trust us. It’s time for some consequences, you good-for-nothing bozos. You can run, but you can’t hide.