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Today I Watch Frist YouTune Video And Let Me Juts SayI Will Not Be Doinf Taht Again (By Queen Elizabeth II)

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loging in charleas19309



chLRED glogging out




ihave some goodnew’s and some badnwe’s about computaer that I wotuk to share first the goodnew’s:i have successtuly been enjoying comuter every day and even ungrade my comouter RAMP to 100 giginbyetr so I have benn brownsing and uploading at lightning spped, even more enjojymant thatn before. OK now for some bad newL

I tried first YouTune video today and let me just say not going doing that agin. YouTUne seems to be very popualr wensbyte ,all my feiends who try computer tell me, :Quen! You must try YouTune if you would like to get the most out of computer. So evan though I was having so must other fun on compuetr sited about trremping and hosrtoy of how they thought about glass I decide to take a look at a YouTune .

First thing Idid was makew surer that I had my heldphones on ands volume very quit so I dont damge my eear and thry next thing I do was to turn up brightness on my compnur screen to 1000% to mae sure I can really see the YouTune. Nest I chemk I have enough batterlies in my computer make sure it doesm;t run our ritht in the middle of the YouTune. Look’s like I have plent y of computern so how I say, “OK , I am ready for a YouTune!”

unforturned next thing that happeden was worst thing that everr happened on computer.

After a while of try clinking a YouTune I  really frustrate YouTune cant work so there is already problem with how I feel about YouTune. Next thing that happen was even bigger proble,

m was that the YouTune play video about man just talking about spidersman. Endlessly blabber about spisersman and stuper hedo. This is not a YouTune whatsoever. I expect skateboard trink or maybe guitar song leson

. But no. so aftetr 70 minute long finally spinderman talker is go away and guesds what you’re never gojng to believe what next thing I saw on YouTune: about compuer! Now we are talking! I said. I turneed brightness uip even more and held face very close to sceern to see about computetr but that video only veryshort and next video show yet exact same man talking again about a-gain, spinderman

Im about to throw my computer in garabebw!! But then soemthing on YouTune catched my eye: a video called “ultimate drummer falls.” Ok, glaf I didn’t throw my computern into transh because now htis I gotta se!e. I give Ultimabe Drunner fail’s a nice longth click and it begings bluffering:

Ok let Queeb explain about bluffuering because I know not a lot of you know ABout technology.basically a YouTune gotta kindsa “ramp up” to “get larger” on your screb because whan yotune start up it really small and Nedd To Get Bigger ,

Well, buffering is Complete and vidoe begins. and I’m eager to see some failure , well first drunmer is acruakky noth failure like I excpet, hoping to See him really embarasing himself maybe crush His Eyeball on chair or fall off drun into flor But he just bad at durmming. Ok so does the world ULTMATE mean nothing on UouTune?? Who wants to watch Spinderman ralk or bad drimbbing?? YouTune really dissapointing me so I though maybe There a Video specific for Queen Like me ,

So I type in “Queen Englang video YouTuNe not spinderman not drunning “ ok well now I see MANY YouTune show my face! Aaaaahhhhh

, so I think I founs soemthing’s for Queen. Well, I click on the Video and my hand bequin to shake and my head began to boil .it’s not realy me on there but and zimport! Pretend be me and saying a rap song Thath I Will Not Repeast Here But Talking About haveij, Long Vagina .so totally disrepesct and not even true!! good thing I am not vry Stronf because I punch Comouter as hard as I Can with my Arm but it doesn’t break or Even Tounch computer.,

Guess I learning my Lenson about YouTune and never ever gonna Try Anotherf. Just stick yo my regularf favorite like Screen Saver and Michonwolf Word.

Hooe to Blong at you afain soon your totol majesty, queen Enlenelbesth the 2th