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Tough Times For Digital Media: Budget Cuts Have Forced ClickHole To Close Our Children’s Cancer Research Center

Like every other digital publisher, ClickHole is facing the challenges of a volatile industry. Online media is contending with low traffic and lower ad revenue, and the business reality is that publishers need to cut costs. That’s why, after exhausting every possible option, we’ve made the very difficult decision to shutter the ClickHole Pediatric Cancer Research Center.

This choice was not easy. It was the result of a careful and thorough evaluation, which found that an operational change in our sprawling medical campus was financially necessary to ensure that we are still able to bring you the best personality quizzes, heartwarming videos, and the most shareable listicles. Profits are dropping across the digital media landscape, and circumstances forced us to choose between our cutting-edge pediatric cancer center that saves thousands of children’s lives a year and continuing our popular website that showcases the freshest memes and the finest in viral content. It was the hardest call we’ve ever had to make as a company, but we ultimately decided that the website was more important to society.

The vote was unanimous.

We thought that selling branded T-shirts and mugs might raise enough money to justify continuing pediatric clinical trials, but unfortunately, merchandise sales weren’t where they needed to be to finance our in-depth cancer research that brought hope to families every day. Please know that our core purpose remains unchanged, and that we will continue bringing you every ounce of viral content that we can dredge up from the internet each day.

When we first opened our six-story, state-of-the-art cancer research center, the media industry was completely different. Traffic to our homepage was much higher, Facebook was promoting our content instead of burying it, and our dedicated team of pediatric oncologists had full funding for their leukemia studies. Since then, the monetary realities that we face as a publisher have changed, and our organization needed to make cuts.

To our departing medical staff, we are truly grateful for the hard work and talent you brought to the ClickHole Pediatric Cancer Research Center. To the small group of world-class oncologists that were reassigned to our editorial team to aggregate viral content, welcome. And to the pediatric patients who were halfway through clinical trials, we hope that the OMG-worthy content serves up every day brings a smile to your face in whatever facility you’re in now.

It brings us no joy to make this announcement, but it’s a necessary step to growing and adapting as a digital publisher. We encourage our readers to take solace in the fact that we will continue to publish celebrity gossip and viral videos with passion and diligence. Although the realities of media have forced us to shut down our children’s cancer research center, our commitment to capitalize on highly clickable internet content is stronger than ever.