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True Love: When This Woman’s Husband Of 67 Years Passed Away, She Immediately Exploded And Died

Get ready for a beautiful story that proves just how powerful true love can be: When this woman’s husband of 67 years passed away, she immediately exploded and died.

Wow. What incredible, everlasting love!

Gary and Beatrice Halstead were high school sweethearts before they got married in 1952, and when Gary was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer earlier this year, it was incredibly difficult for Beatrice to imagine life without her husband. After Gary was brought into the hospital’s care full time, Beatrice was by his side every day, from morning till night. Last week, Gary sadly lost his battle with cancer in the middle of the afternoon. But in a beautiful testament to their deep connection, Beatrice could not go even one second without her beloved Gary before her head flew off her body and started spinning around on the floor while her neck spouted blood like an open fire hydrant.

Truly beautiful. Anyone would be lucky to have a lifelong love as strong and profound as this one.

The couple’s souls were joined so inseparably that even though Beatrice was completely healthy, the moment Gary’s life on Earth ended, her body started whizzing through the air like a rapidly deflating balloon as her guts rained down and soaked everything in sight. And even once other parts of Beatrice’s body had been scattered across the room, her severed hand was still clasped around Gary’s on the hospital bed in a truly touching symbol of the couple’s love.

Okay, this is just too sweet! This is seriously like something straight out of a romance movie!

As if this amazing love story couldn’t get any more heartwarming, the hospital staff managed to scoop up more than half of Beatrice’s organs off of the walls and seal them in a jar so that the couple could be buried together in the same grave.

Wow. The magnificent love between Gary and Beatrice proves that soulmates really do exist. Our hearts are absolutely melting at this incredible love story. May Gary, Beatrice, and their eternal love rest in peace!