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Trump’s Assault On The Environment, Explained In One Eye-Opening Chart And One Toe-Tapping Song

It’s been hard to keep up with all that’s happened so far under President Trump, but one of the most concerning developments has been the administration’s drastic overhaul of U.S. climate policy.

So, in case you were struggling to wrap your head around the new administration’s impact on the environment, here’s one eye-opening chart and one toe-tapping song that make it simple to understand.

Here is the Energy Information Administration graph showing energy production with and without the Clean Power Plan that Trump intends to eliminate:

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And now listen to this irresistibly infectious showstopper that outlines the staggering scope of the policy changes and will get your hips swaying to the beat from the very first bar:

Wow. The data and total earworm of a song that you’ll be humming to yourself all day speak for themselves, telling a sobering story that puts the urgency of the current moment in stark focus. What happens next is up to us and our elected officials. For now, though, let’s be grateful to these scientists and musicians for cutting through the clutter to shed light on a complex issue!