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Ultimate Fan Experience: This Philadelphia Eagles Fan Walked In On The Whole Team Masturbating

Most people never get to meet their idols, but that’s no longer the case for Pennsylvania resident Nathan Simmons. Yep, this lifelong Philadelphia Eagles fan just had a once-in-a-lifetime experience that very few people can say they’ll ever have: Nathan walked in on the whole team masturbating!

Talk about a dream come true. How does it get more exciting than that for an Eagles fan?

After arriving at the TCF Bank Stadium at the University Of Minnesota for an exclusive meet and greet with the team, Nathan got to have the coolest NFL fan experience ever when he opened the door of their locker room and found all 53 active players on the Eagles roster straight-up pounding it together. Just a few seconds later, Nathan was standing among football royalty as the athletes looked up from a porno playing on a single laptop, made startled eye contact with him, and tried to hide their genitals!

At that point, a totally starstruck Nathan admittedly had no idea what to say, but thankfully, the Eagles helped him out. Quarterback Nick Foles, whose jersey Nathan happened to be wearing, turned toward him, screamed “Get out of here!” and slammed the door in his face, at which point Foles and the rest of the team went right back to jerking off together!

Um…Coolest. Fan experience. EVER!? Just IMAGINE being an Eagles fan and standing in a room with Jay Ajayi, LeGarrette Blount, Chris Long, and General Manager Howie Roseman while they pleasured themselves to climax at the exact. Same. TIME!

You’ve got to imagine that was a super special moment for a guy who’s loved the Eagles since he was a kid. Now, Nathan gets to walk away from the encounter knowing he’s probably one of the only fans in the team’s history to have barged in on the entire roster tugging off! We really have to hand it to the Eagles for making one fan’s day in such a big way. Without a doubt, this is an experience Nathan will be holding onto forever.