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Unprofessional: This Mailman Is Dating One Of The Mailboxes On His Route

Welp, the USPS may have a scandal on their hands, all thanks to one postal worker who’s romantic life is brewing up some serious conflicts of interest: This mailman is dating one of the mailboxes on his route.

Wow. If the USPS doesn’t have a policy about mailman dating mailboxes, they should probably make one.

Mailman George Bryant, 46, has been going steady with a mailbox in the suburbs of Atlanta for nearly five months according to residents along his route, who report seeing Bryant spend significantly more time with the mailbox in question than any of the others he services. In the fall, neighborhood gossip about the two was confirmed when Bryant, while on the clock, was spotted feeling up and making out with the mailbox—which, look, good for them, they seem happy, but that’s simply unprofessional.

“What those two do in their own time is their business, but when I see him playing favorites and giving that mailbox extra mail just because they’re screwing, I don’t know, that feels out of line to me,” said one resident, who feels put off by Bryant’s long history of dating mailboxes on his route, including one short-lived relationship with a mail slot that ended when Bryant got into a blowout screaming match with it in broad daylight. “It’s just messy. I wish him and that mailbox the best so long as it doesn’t get in the way of my mail.”

Hey, maybe this guy and that mailbox are truly in love…but situations like this rarely end well.

It’d be best for everyone if this mailman and mailbox kept their personal and work lives separate, Though they seem happy together now, let’s hope these two can keep it professional if their fling ends up not working out!