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Visionary: Jared Kushner Has Announced Plans To Heal A Divided America With A Blockbuster Comedy He’s Writing Called ‘Boss-In-Law’

With the political climate only growing nastier and more divisive by the day, America desperately needs something to rally behind, and it looks like Jared Kushner is finally stepping up to the plate. Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior advisor announced this morning that he plans to bring the country together as one by writing a screwball blockbuster comedy entitled Boss-In-Law.

Yes! It’s so refreshing to see Kushner leave his politics at the door to focus on bringing the United States together again.

“Common ground is hard to come by these days, which is why this country needs Boss-In-Law more than ever,” said Kushner. “Regardless of our personal differences, we will all be able to enjoy the story of Pete Donahue, a newly married man whose world is turned upside down when, after landing his dream job at a top consulting firm in Manhattan, he arrives on his first day and realizes his new boss is none other than his father-in-law, Mr. Keller.”

Kushner said he was writing Boss-In-Law from a place of personal experience and truth, but emphatically promised that the finished script would feature “the kind of fun every American can agree on” and assured the press corps that the film’s themes would appeal universally to “kids and adults, black audiences and white audiences, Democrats and Republicans alike.”

He went on to describe some of his favorite scenes in his nearly complete movie outline, including the tense first meeting between Pete and his new boss-in-law, the absolute train wreck of a fishing trip they take together, and Pete’s supremely humiliating toast at Mr. Keller’s 65th birthday party, during which a caterer accidentally dumps an entire tray of cake onto Pete’s shirt.

Wow. It sounds like Kushner has a vision for writing a movie both hilarious and good-natured enough for every American to bond over.

“I’m hoping to get Wanda Sykes on board, and I’d love to get a couple of the Workaholics guys in the mix, too,” added Kushner, who seemed as though he could spitball ideas for his project well through the afternoon. “I’m thinking Adam Devine can play Pete’s childhood best friend, Spencer, the wildcard renegade who shows up to the big dinner party unannounced to tell off Mr. Keller, but who hilariously bails after accidentally shattering the boss-in-law’s favorite decorative china, leaving Pete to do all the explaining.”

“After watching Pete slowly come into his own throughout the film, audiences will be united on the edge of their seats when our hero finally stands up for himself at the high-stakes board meeting in the monumental final scene. Every American will be on the same page, rooting for Pete as he finally puts Mr. Keller in his place and, in doing so, earns his boss-in-law’s respect at long last.”

Incredible. Opinions about the current administration aside, it’s clear Jared Kushner is making a real effort to heal the nation’s wounds. Here’s hoping Boss-In-Law will help us all move forward at last.