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We Hope He Can Be Comfortable With Himself One Day: This Bully Makes Fun Of His Victims For Looking Like Horses Only Because He Himself Is Part Horse

Bullying is undoubtedly terrible, but it’s often done from a place of pain. Here’s a story of a bully who’s clearly only carrying out his abuse as a way of dealing with his own deeply held insecurities: This bully makes fun of his victims for looking like horses only because he himself is part horse.

So sad. We truly hope this boy can one day learn to accept himself for who he is.

Tristan Ames, an eighth grader at Liberty Middle School, is well known for hurling venomous insults at his classmates, calling them things like “horse face” and “horse legs” and “ugly horse-smelling bitch.” However, the irony is that these insults are all obviously dealt in an attempt to deflect from the fact that Tristan himself has a great deal of horse DNA, which is evidenced in his long, horse-like snout, luscious mane, and penchant for neighing. There’s nothing sadder than watching Tristan clomp down the hallway on his strange little hooves, chasing after a boy from the grade below him and yelling “Look at this fucking horse boy! He’s probably got a lunchbox full of hay! What a loser!” while totally blind to the fact that the kid he’s bullying is actually behaving pretty normal, whereas he himself is the one always eating oats from a trough right in the middle of the cafeteria. 

To be clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the fact that Tristan is part horse, and his classmates would most likely accept him with open arms if he didn’t do things like putting a girl from his class into a headlock and forcing her to admit that her favorite thing to do after school is gallop through a field at 55 miles per hour. But the fact that he’s cruelly projecting his own securities on others while refusing to simply just be himself is truly heartbreaking. It’s only a matter of time before one of his victims gets fed up and calls out Tristan for having so many horse-like traits, and when this happens, chances are he won’t take it well.

Poor kid. Despite his tough-guy facade, deep down he’s just a scared little horse boy who wants to be loved for the equine-human hybrid that he is.

There needs to be better education on emotions in school, because so many people repress who they are and take their anger out on others. We are praying that someone in Tristan’s life helps him accept the horse part of himself ASAP, because the way he’s acting is toxic for everyone involved.