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We Let Ed Sheeran Guest-Edit This List Of Fluffy Otters And He Did A Bad Job

We were excited to have pop singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran help us out with this list about otters. Unfortunately, he kind of struggled with it.

1. Looking really Great, Otter!

Not a bad start here, especially since Ed clearly has never written one of these lists before. The caption is pretty generic and somewhat oddly capitalized, but at least it’s a cute picture of an otter. Unfortunately, it basically goes downhill from here.

2. Sleepin’ and floting

Ed had a good idea here, but it’s hard to ignore the obvious spelling error. It’s just such an easily avoidable mistake. Solid photo though.

3. Having a blast!

So, that’s actually a picture of a vole, not an otter. We know they look similar, but come on, Ed.

4. Otter is a common name for a carnivorous mammal in the subfamily Lutrinae.

This photo is just a photo of a river. To be fair, this is technically where otters live, but it clearly doesn’t work for a list promising fluffy otters. Also, this caption is just the first sentence from the Wikipedia page for “Otter.”

5. The king!

This caption is baffling, but more importantly, Ed didn’t even bother to take the stock photo label off this one.

6. Catch the train to fluffy town!

Well, for this one, he just included a photo of himself. Honestly, it’s kind of perplexing how a functional human could screw this up so bad.

4. check this one out!

Wait, why did we go back to number 4?

8. time 4 slime

Presumably, Ed is referring to the otter’s slicked-back fur? Hopefully he realizes that slime and water are different things, but at this point, there’s no telling what’s going through the mind of Ed Sheeran.

9. The cutest

Look, we’re very sorry. We really thought that Ed would do a better job than this.

10. Otter.

Thanks for nothing, Ed.