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We Take A Look Back At Everything That’s Ever Happened: Part 1

Get ready for a trip down memory lane, because we’re looking back at everything that’s ever happened! Warning: We’re about to majorly nerd out over some of our favorite things from everything that’s ever occurred. Total geek-out moments ahead!

Who can forget Sabrina, The Teenage Witch? Or Safavid Persia? Or gymnosperms? Everything that’s ever happened has a little something for everyone, which is what keeps us coming back for more!

Man, these guys are making us nostalgic for everything that’s ever happened!

We can’t think of one conversation we’ve ever had that doesn’t eventually turn into a series of references to everything that’s ever happened. Trilobites, anyone?

You guys remember these?

And you gotta love these!

Here’s a reminder of some of the biggest people and stories from everyone’s favorite era:

1. The Fall Of The Mayan Empire

We can still remember exactly where we were when we heard about this.

2. Charles De Gaulle

Heartthrob and hero? This guy WAS everything that’s ever happened!

3. Carbon

A shout-out to all the Carbonheads out there!

4. Mary Beth Deacon Marries William Snyder

Even though this happened in April 1813, we still have all the feels. #BestWeddingEver

And it’s not just the big stories that makes everything that’s ever happened so special. Remember any of these hidden gems?

It’s a total throwback! And fans can’t help but make some predictions about what we’ll see in the future.

What are some of your favorite people and moments from everything that’s ever happened? Tweet and Facebook them at us, and check back next week for Part 2 of our look back at everything that’s ever happened!