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We Took An Israeli Child And A Palestinian Child And Put Them Together In The Same Room. And We’re Going To Keep Them.

Meet Amit and Hussam.

Their story started when we asked a simple question: What if we took an Orthodox Jewish boy from Jerusalem and a Palestinian boy from the West Bank refugee camp Deheisheh and let them meet?

This, of course, led to another question: What if we kept them?

Because when you forget about the brutal history, when you forget about the hatred they’re taught to feel, then you finally see Amit and Hussam for what they are: two excellent kids. Certainly good enough for us.

These children happened to be born on different sides of a war, but really they’re not so different. They both love soccer. They both like to whistle. They’re both very bright and well behaved. Overall, we think they’re top-notch. And we’re never letting them go.

Maybe you can’t believe it. But when we saw these so-called enemies kicking a soccer ball around we fell in love with them, and right then we decided: They will stay in here. We will not let their parents in. We will not let the police in. We will raise them here, against all odds.

Perhaps we all just need to be more like Amit and Hussam and put our differences behind us. These kids are good. And we’re a family now.