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We Would Like To Make The Following Corrections To Our ‘13 Hedgehogs Who Need A Vacation’ List

While we always strive to bring you factual and accurate blogs, videos, and listicles, sometimes errors slip by us. In our “13 Hedgehogs Who Need A Vacation” piece we published last week, there were eight mistakes that we would like to now correct. We apologize to our readers, and we promise more stringent oversight in the future.

Our initial list emphasized that this hedgehog “TOTALLY needs a vacay NOW.” This hedgehog certainly could use a quiet hour to himself, but saying he needed anything more than that was unwarranted hyperbole, plain and simple.

In our fourth caption, we wrote that this hedgehog “can’t even right now.” We recently discovered that the hedgehog portrayed in this photo was never actually contacted about whether or not she could or couldn’t even.

This guy did, in fact, need a vacation, but he is a porcupine, not a hedgehog. That one got by us.

Yes, this hedgehog technically is furry, but cuddly would have been a far more accurate description. We thank our readers for letters alerting us.

In this entry, we said the hedgehog was first classified by Constantine Rafinesque-Schmaltz in 1823. After double-checking our sources, the person responsible was Gotthelf Fischer in 1814. We regret the error.

In caption eight, we noted that “Someone needs to get this guy to a tiny little pool in a hedgehog-sized Cancun!” This statement has no basis in fact.

The word “awwwwwwww” does not appear in any English dictionary. Our copy editor has since been fired for an unrelated matter.

Shortly after publishing the original list, we realized it could have been fun and cool to put Sonic the Hedgehog somewhere. We completely missed that opportunity, and hopefully this picture of him here makes up for that in some small way.

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