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Well-Deserved: When This Mail Carrier Announced His Retirement After 47 Years, The Post Office Let Him Deliver Benicio Del Toro’s Mail

When Morris Nevins clocked into his last day of work as a United States Postal Service mailman, he thought he’d be driving the same route he’d serviced dutifully for 47 years. But his supervisors at the USPS branch in Evanston, IL wanted to do something special for the loyal letter carrier, so they pulled out all the stops and arranged for Morris to spend his final day on the job delivering mail to Benicio Del Toro.

Amazing. What a perfect sendoff for one devoted delivery man!

“I never dreamed of being given such an opportunity,” Morris said. “To be honored in this way, it was an overwhelming surprise.”

Morris didn’t have long to be surprised—mere hours after arriving at work, he was standing in L.A.’s Laurel Canyon neighborhood, his sack full of mail for Benicio Del Toro and the other residents of Del Toro’s neighborhood.

Morris delivered nine envelopes and one large, heavy box to the Del Toro household. The Traffic star was reportedly not home, but that was fine by Morris.

“I’m glad I didn’t meet Benicio,” Morris explained. “I didn’t want to meet him. This was a perfect day.”

Just 90 minutes after landing at LAX, Morris was on a plane again back to Illinois to complete his normal route and clock out one last time.

What’s next for Morris? Spending more time with his grandkids and dusting off his tennis racket, according to the longtime public servant. One thing is for sure, though: He won’t forget his day delivering Benicio Del Toro’s mail for a long, long time.

We salute you, Morris!