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Well That’s Not A Good Sign: Your Doctor Just Referred You To A Specialist’s Office Where Everyone In The Waiting Room Looks Pretty Much Dead

Seeing the doctor can be a stressful experience under the best of circumstances, and unfortunately, your general practitioner just threw you a curveball that made the whole ordeal nothing short of terrifying: Your doctor just referred you to a specialist’s office where everyone in the waiting room looks pretty much dead.

Uh oh. This can’t be good.

You showed up for your annual checkup this year thinking that your doctor would give you a lecture about diet and exercise at the absolute worst, but that was sadly not the case. Instead, he took one look at your bloodwork and ordered you to proceed immediately to some other doctor’s office in the same medical park, where every single hunched-over, gray-skinned patient looks like they have a week to live, tops. You might feel perfectly healthy, but it’s becoming abundantly clear that you must not be, because you’re the only person in this depressing-ass waiting room who isn’t either coughing, shaking violently, covered in bruises, or sitting so still that they might actually have passed away before even getting a chance to see the doctor. Come to think of it, you’re also one of the only patients breathing without the aid of oxygen, so if your doctor’s referral means anything, you might very well need one in the near future.

Yikes. This is very troubling to say the least.

This new doctor’s office also seems eerily more legit than your GP’s. It’s spotlessly clean, suggesting that germ exposure is a life-or-death thing for all the walking corpses waiting to be seen by the doctor. Also, the front desk staff seems to know all the patients intimately, as if they’ve been getting treatment here for years—treatment that, by the looks of it, has not exactly worked. Yeah, the fact that the patients are even greeting one another, as if they’re part of some tight-knit community of terminal illness, does not bode well for your experience with this specialist. It does not bode well at all.

Well, this is definitely not a good sign. We’re not sure what your regular doctor ascertained from your most recent visit, but if he was correct in referring you here, you might just be fucked. Good luck—we hope the whole thing was just a fluke.