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Well, Well, Well: Looks Like Little Miss ‘Trying To Stay Offline For The Sake Of My Mental Health’ Couldn’t Help But Check Out This List Of 6 Wombats That DGAF

Well, well, well, look who decided to join us! Thought you were taking a “break from technology” for the sake of your mental health, and yet here you are browsing this list of wombats who Do. Not. Give. A. Fuck. Just couldn’t stay away, huh?

1. One wombat, zero fucks. Seems like just yesterday you were all, “Waaaahh, I don’t want to waste my precious moments on this planet staring at my phone,” and yet today you’re all, “Ah, yes, here are the wombats who DGAF. More please.” What happened? Done working on your mental health already?

2. Here is a wombat not giving a fuck, just like you are not giving a fuck about your promise to yourself to steer clear of the internet outside of checking work emails. Is this a work email? Doesn’t look like one. Hmm. 

3. Still think that scrolling the internet is a waste of time that’s distracting you from your relationships, career, and emotional well-being now that you’ve seen this pair of wombats completely not giving a shit? Considering how much these two do NOT care, we’re guessing no. 

4. Awwww! Look at this little guy! He doesn’t give a rat’s ass about anything whatsoever. Maybe you should take a cue from him with the whole “trying to take my life back from my phone” thing and stop giving so much of a fuck.

5. You gonna go cry to your therapist about this? Or are you going to revel in the glorious dopamine that these indifferent little buggers are triggering in your brain? I think we both know the answer. 

6. Sleeping? On corn?!? Now THAT’S a wombat who DGAF. You can always take a break from being online when there are no longer any wombats who DGAF to look at. Just surrender to them. Your mental health can wait.