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What Exactly Does This Demonstrate? This Urologist’s Office Is Displaying An Hourglass Filled With Piss

Doctors are certainly within their rights to take some artistic license when they decorate their offices, but this medical practice has adorned its lobby with an object so perplexing we can’t help but question the design choice: This urologist’s office is displaying an hourglass filled with piss.

Ummmm, okay? What exactly is this supposed to demonstrate?

The Lakeside Urology Clinic in Duluth, Minnesota has plenty of typical doctor’s office decor items in its waiting room, including an aquarium containing a single fish and a bubbling plastic treasure chest, one of those toys where toddlers slide wooden beads around a curved metal track, and a stack of two-year-old copies of Cycling World magazine with a doctor’s home address on them. But one object is a real head-scratcher: An oversized hourglass filled with a yellow fluid clearly meant to represent piss slowly draining through it.

Upon first encountering the piss hourglass, one might assume that it is a visual aid meant to help patients understand an important principle relating to urinary health, but in this case, what principle could that possibly be? Is the hourglass suggesting that your body has a finite amount of piss inside it that will eventually run out? Is the top portion of the glass meant to represent the piss that’s still inside your body and the lower portion meant to represent a toilet, with the narrow neck in between the two representing genitalia? Is it meant to be cautionary in some way? Is it saying that at some point you will run out of piss until someone turns you upside down, at which point you will become completely filled with piss again? The longer one ponders this odd choice of decor, the more baffling it becomes.

Absolutely bizarre. WTF is an hourglass filled with piss supposed to mean???

This clinic clearly believes the piss hourglass has an important urinary health message to convey, because a nurse just flipped the thing over as soon as all of the piss had dripped into the bottom. What are we missing here? Do you have any idea what this could mean? Let us know in the comments!