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When A Surgeon Saved Her Husband’s Life, This Woman Bought Him Iodine To Say Thank You

If you’re having a crummy day, this story will definitely brighten it right up.

Just a few weeks ago, it seemed as if Michelle Larson was going to lose her husband to a burst appendix. But thanks to the actions of one incredible surgeon, her husband is now doing better than ever! Michelle wanted to go the extra mile to show her appreciation for the man who saved her husband’s life, and, after some consideration, decided to purchase a bottle of iodine and give it to him.


“I had originally thought about getting him a box of surgical gloves, but that just didn’t seem like enough,” said Michelle. “Sure, the bottle of iodine was $40, but how could I skimp on the man who saved my husband’s life?”

Dr. Daniel McCullough currently has a fair amount of iodine at his disposal, but he’s bound to run out in a couple of weeks. That’s when Michelle’s generous gift will come into play!

“I use iodine for antiseptic when preparing patients for surgery, and sometimes I’ll even use it to clean my hands before operating,” said Dr. McCullough. “It was very nice of Mrs. Larson to buy me more iodine, as it is definitely something I need.”

Pass the tissues, please!

Surgeons can have pretty thankless jobs, and it’s great to see one of them get recognized for his amazing work. Faith in humanity restored!