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When These Third-Graders Saw Their Classmate Didn’t Have A Lunch, They Kept Feeding Him More And More Lunches Until He Clogged The Door And Got School Canceled

Life can be tough, but students at Willow Creek Elementary School in Duluth, Minnesota, have done something this year that will make you cry tears of joy: When they noticed that a fellow student wasn’t eating lunch at school, they brought him so many lunches that he clogged the door and school got canceled.

Compassion for the win!

When caring students saw that 9-year-old Bryce Oswald was showing up to school every day without a lunch, they knew they had to do something. They started giving Bryce fruit snacks and pats of butter from their lunches, and even pooled their allowances to buy Bryce hoagies and rotisserie chickens in an effort to make sure that he wouldn’t go hungry and would instead get massive enough to clog the door to the school and get school canceled.

“Bryce didn’t have anything to eat, so we knew we had to help him out,” said Willow Creek student Kali Summers. “We gave him our lunches every day, even if we got really hungry. We knew if he kept eating he would get fat enough to clog up the door and we wouldn’t have to go to school.”

The plan worked perfectly. In a matter of months, Bryce went from having no lunch at all to having so many lunches that he packed on 115 pounds, got stuck in the door, and school got canceled. The students were so successful in plumping Bryce up that it took four firefighters with a jackhammer to finally be able to pry him out.

Mission accomplished!

Due to these kids’ selfless dedication, not only did Bryce not go hungry, but all of the kids and teachers were able to stay home from school to play, watch TV, and relax instead of going to school for a full two days. They aren’t stopping there, either: Even though Bryce is now bigger than any other student in the district, the kids are going to continue to give him lunches in hopes that he can get stuck in the door so tightly that school gets canceled for a full week.

Beautiful! Adults could learn a thing or two about kindness and commitment to your dreams from these remarkable kids.