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When This Town Blocked Plans For A Mosque To Be Built, These Amazing Teens Offered Up The Storage Unit They Have Sex In

Sometimes, it takes a few teenagers to show adults the difference between right and wrong.

That’s exactly what happened in Sedalia, MO last week. When the city council blocked plans to allow a mosque to be built in town, a group of high schoolers came together and offered to let local Muslims use the storage unit they have sex in.

Faith in humanity restored!

After the crushing setback for their mosque, Sedalia Muslims didn’t have to wait long for the incredible group of high schoolers to come to their defense in the most amazing way possible.

“Everyone deserves the right to worship, and we were more than happy to give up our storage unit if it’s for a good cause,” said 10th-grader Adrian Penger. “These people need the space to pray, and if that means the rest of us have to use the shed behind school, the girls volleyball locker room, Mitchell Johnson’s van, or the ditch off Highway 65, then so be it.”

“Sure, the space is a little cozy, but it’s more than big enough for a small house of worship,” Adrian continued. “We fit over 40 people there after prom last year!”

Wow! Simply amazing.

If these high schoolers in Sedalia have proved anything, it’s that we shouldn’t be so quick to judge teens. They’re capable of incredible things, like sacrificing their fuck nest so that their neighbors can have a place to worship. And that’s something people of all ages should applaud.