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Whoa, Cool: There’s A Table At This Restaurant With Nine Different Babies In High Chairs And One Adult Woman

Something absolutely awesome is currently taking place at a bar and grill in Chicago that’s guaranteed to blow your mind and dominate internet discourse for the foreseeable future: There’s a table at this restaurant with nine different babies in high chairs and one adult woman.

This is so cool! Whatever the story is here, we’re one hundred percent on board!

While it’s unclear how exactly these nine babies and the one adult woman know each other, they’ve been sitting calmly at a table in Checkers Bistro for the past half hour, treating all their fellow diners to a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle. It’s unclear if the woman is the mother of all nine babies, though that seems unlikely since they all seem to be around six months old, and several doctors from Harvard we spoke to confirmed that it is difficult for a woman to give birth to nine different babies within the span of just a few months.

Other possible explanations that experts have suggested for this unusual seating arrangement include the possibility that the woman is in charge of watching these babies like some sort of babysitter or bodyguard, or that the woman and the nine babies are all friends and are just hanging out as equals.

It’s also possible that they are coworkers. Whether or not any of these explanations is accurate to the situation, you have to admit it’s amazing!

“I just can’t take my eyes off them. I mean, where did they all meet each other?” one Checkers customer wrote on Instagram after posting a photo of the woman spoon feeding Manhattan clam chowder to each of the nine babies. “At one point one of the babies swatted a fork out of the woman’s hand, so it’s possible that the babies are in charge of the woman” the post continued.

It’s so much fun to speculate about something so awesome and mysterious!

Other witnesses have reported that the woman ordered a bottle of wine for the table, but that it’s just sitting in the middle of the table and hasn’t been opened yet. Videos have also surfaced online of the woman picking up two of the babies and having them switch seats for reasons that nobody can quite determine.

At the end of the day, the only thing that’s clear is that more of this sort of thing needs to be happening on a daily basis. With so much chaos and destruction in the world, it’s beautiful to know that nine different babies and an adult woman can sit down for a meal together and treat their fellow diners to the show of their lives. Let’s hope we start seeing a lot more this sort of thing in the future!