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Why LeBron James Should Forego The NBA This Time And Sign With Good Old U.S. Steel

The word is out! LeBron James just became a free agent and it’s anyone’s guess where he will end up. While many teams will undoubtedly be fighting for the league’s top player, LeBron needs to consider the one option that is clearly his best: Quitting the NBA altogether and signing with U.S. Steel. 

The fact is, LeBron James and U.S. Steel are a perfect fit. He has the ideal blend of intelligence and pure athletic prowess needed to be a versatile member of the U.S. Steel Corporation. LeBron’s a savvy playmaker and, quite frankly, there’s no reason he can’t be an savvy steelmaker. The way I see it, the intangibles that make LeBron a force on the basketball court translate well—if not better—to a major steel producer.

Beyond the natural fit, signing with U.S. Steel also provides a whole new fanbase that’s just waiting to see what LeBron has to offer. We all know LeBron can win basketball games; now let’s see if he can manage the sale and shipment of a full order of galvanized culvert sheet by the client’s deadline.

I think everyone wants to see what LeBron can do for U.S. Steel. I know I do.

Of course, we at U.S. Steel stand to benefit equally from LeBron’s presence and we’ve known this for a long time. In fact, we want to build our corporation around LeBron, and we have the pieces in place to make our company excel this coming year and for years to come. Larry Sutton, our shift supervisor, has been with U.S. Steel for the past 10 years and is a hard-nosed veteran who isn’t selfish with the smelter. And we have young talent, too, including role players like heavy machine operator Marcus Jerad and Lou Wilson, a welder with some big prospects.

U.S. Steel is built for sustained success: All we need is for LeBron James to realize what’s best for his career, quit the NBA, and join our steelmaking team.