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Wondruful I Just foumd Proncess Diano Skleneton Isnade A Suit Or Amror (By Queen Elizabeth II) 

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Hel, LO ,

Wellf I hafh fantatTic new’s, whena I was claening up inside cad=slte I ddecied to take.  A P”EEK” INSIDE Ould suit or amror , To be hornets I Didn’t Think anyhint Would be inside, maybe just Some Old air or a piece of Dust that I wouldn’t even see was there , or maybE some New air,  but guess whant?? Inside I foind an oldfriend , 

Proncess Diano. Well, EHr sklensomton anyway’s 



Itwas tuley markerable, because I habent seen hher skeptonal Unsince h it was Inside her body, in 19892. But There is wa,s , her beutbul Hair still in a Perfectly Round Hairdo and Her skeeleloot Proudly Displaying all of the charactrijstics that made Her a Woferndul proncess: Proise, Grantfulness, Glofe, and most of all, Chart. 

We;; as you could guess, wehn I saw that Wenderful Proncess Skentleton inside that aromor suit, The frist thing I did was pick up the armor and shark it arund to try to get the Diano Out , of there. Wellf, it didm;t work out very good, and soon the armon haad clanked around So much thsat the skeleon Waasn’t exactly a Skelanton any more , but more just a colenction of brones. “Uh oh ,”

Well, good thinik Queam has a little bit a glue in her porket as All Tims, and I sloshed the glue around Inside the Amonor real good and wiating for it to dry up , 150 hours. Well I hopfully that her skepeleon was all better now and I took a peek inside and guess what it still broblem inside , shoot , maybe IU should have my hulband Pringe Philips fix Diano, he alway better with bone;’s than me. 


Sop I pickedop the Royal Phone and rang up Philip Number. 8248-4 , ,f, well it ranged twonce and someOne pick up , “JHello , “Hi” “OK, “ Hi tallking” we talk for a whiole but eentualyt reralizes Phoilip has already died and someone else name ~~//KLANG\\~~ has use his munber now. Luckily for me ~~//KLANG\\~~ also is expert in skeleotn so I asked if ~~//KLANG\\~~ would drip to me and Helpo My Bone Promblem , “OK” , 

So here come ~~//KLANG\\~~. Little man about as old as you’d expect: 9. Not sure of his ethnicitiy , gonna have to check the Dantlebase for that , but ~~//KLANG\\~~ quickly dissolved the arnmor suit to Get out the bones with his Special Acid. Next, he used small chinsel to remonve the bones form the glue. Then he give me the blones and said “here are you’re bones,” 

It was like magic. 

I will neverknow if Diano was my daughter or how that all work’s , but to have the bountiful bones is truly a blessing . Not a lot of people get to have bones , so that is why I am proud to do it. 

Until my next aventure 

Your royal Magnetsy, 

Quenn Elizbreth IOI