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Worried About Your Data? Send Us Information About Yourself You’d Like To Keep Private, And We’ll Protect It And Never Sell It!

Wondering how you can possibly keep your private information safe after hearing about Facebook’s recent data leaks? Makes sense. Nowadays it’s hard to know who exactly can access information about you. Those days are numbered, however, because ClickHole is here to help!

Use Facebook Messenger to send us private information about yourself, and we will keep it safe, forever. You won’t have to worry about your data leaking to other companies through Facebook, because we will be watching over it day and night in an ultra-secure location. Pretty cool, right?

Wait, because it gets better: ClickHole is also vowing to never sell your data to any advertiser or political campaign or other enterprise. So message us whatever information you want to be 100 percent sure never gets scraped by a malicious bot or prying advertiser, and we’ll store it for FREE (no cost to you).

And how can we store your information without charging you? We’re sure we’ll figure that out later!

Facebook is no longer the only place for you to store your personal data. ClickHole is now the web’s premier destination for all your deepest secrets, and you know you can trust us, because we have integrity. So what are you waiting for? The only thing you have to lose is your worry about another Facebook leak!