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Yay! The CDC Just Caved And Said You Don’t Have To Wash Your Hands On Your Birthday

It would be an understatement to say that dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on national morale, but some fantastic news from the federal government may lift spirits just a little bit: The CDC just caved and said you don’t have to wash your hands on your birthday!

Yay!!!!! This is so fun!

The Center For Disease Control posted an update on their website this week stating that, while hand washing remains an effective way to protect against the spread of COVID, Americans may take a break for 24 hours on their birthdays. 

“After a great deal of research, scientists have concluded that you should get to enjoy your special day and not waste it scrubbing your hands, which is no fun,” the update read. “Go ahead, treat yourself! Just one day of having gross hands won’t hurt anyone. Feel free to be a little naughty—it’s not every day that it’s your birthday, after all.”

“We know that having to wash your hands for 20 lonnnnng seconds a zillion times a day can be a huge bummer, so have some fun, it’s fine,” the statement continued. “You won’t get in trouble, we promise. Your birthday’s not about COVID—it’s about you!”

Awesome! A little bit of germs never hurt anyone. 

The CDC went on to say that people should still wear masks in public indoor spaces and practice social distancing on their birthdays, but as far as hand washing goes, the agency is willing to turn a blind eye. What a nice and fun thing for the CDC to do after so many miserable months of pandemic life. Happy birthday to us all!