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Yes! Revlon Has Released A Roofie-Detecting Blush That Changes Color When You Pour A Drugged Drink Over Your Head

No one who’s having a fun night out wants to think about the threat of sexual assault, but unfortunately, the presence of roofies is just a fact of life. Thankfully though, one company has created a product that makes it infinitely easier to protect yourself in these types of situations: Revlon has released a roofie-detecting blush that changes color when you pour a drugged drink over your head!

Date-rape protection that blends seamlessly into your regular beauty routine? Sign us up!

Revlon’s newest easy-to-apply blush works fast to detect the chemical presence of roofies, and will let you know if you’ve been drugged within two seconds of picking up your drink, dumping it over your head, and letting it wash over your face. Should your drink have been tampered with, Revlon’s new “Color-Protect” makeup will activate and immediately turn your face a bright, unmistakable shade of green, alerting you that it’s either time to get a new drink or contact the authorities.

Whether you want to test a single shot or the punch bowl at a crowded party, Revlon’s newest makeup can handle anything from a small splash of tequila to someone completely dunking their head into a large vat of liquid. No matter the situation, when you run to the bathroom with sopping-wet hair and see in the mirror that your blush isn’t green, you can guarantee your night will be safe!

Finally, a product that will give you vital information while you have fun!

With its long-lasting wear and soft shading, Revlon’s newest product is virtually indistinguishable from regular blush, so potential assailants won’t even realize that it has the power to detect the drugs they think they’re slipping past you. Plus, not only can you be confident that you’ll have a safe night with Revlon’s newest product, but its 25 shades to match every skin tone and style guarantee you’ll look great doing it!

Yes! This is amazing.

So, whether you got distracted while the bartender was making you a martini or aren’t sure if someone tampered with your beer, Color-Protect blush will definitely be able to help you. And thanks to Revlon’s commitment to protecting women, who knows? One day, we might even live in a world where you won’t have to pour a drink on your head to know if you’ve been roofied!