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You Need To Stop Reading This Immediately, Track Down Your Kids, And Talk To Them About Sex

Let’s face it: Between the internet, movies, and TV, today’s kids are being introduced to sex at an increasingly early age. As a parent, you can’t stop your kids from growing up, but you can make sure they have the right information to make responsible, informed decisions on their own.

Which is why you need to stop reading this immediately, track down your kids, and talk to them about sex.

It’s crucial that you sit down with your kids and talk to them about this stuff right now, this very instant, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Drop everything and go find them. Honestly, you shouldn’t even be reading this paragraph. You should be out the fucking door, in your car, and on your way to wherever the hell your kids are right now so you can educate them about the dangers of unprotected sex, as well as the various forms of contraception they can use to prevent pregnancy and lower the risk of getting STDs.

You should be out the fucking door, in your car, and on your way to wherever the hell your kids are right now…

Sure, it might feel awkward at first to hightail it to your son or daughter’s school, burst into their classroom, and begin lecturing them about how it is never okay for someone to pressure them into having sex, or into any kind of sexual contact, right there in front of the entire class. But it’s your responsibility as their parent to GO. NOW.

If your kids are a little on the younger side, you might be worried that it’s too early to talk to them about sex. But did you know that some teens become sexually active by age 14? FOUR-FUCKING-TEEN!

Is this not registering with you? Do you not grasp the very real possibility that your child could be seconds away from hurtling headlong into their first sexual experience right now without any guidance or preparation whatsoever? And you still want to continue reading to the end of this sentence?

It’s hard to see your kids as anything but kids. But kids grow up. And they need you to talk openly and immediately with them about sexual health. This can’t fucking wait.