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‘You’ll Be Fine’: Burger King Just Tweeted That While It’s Bad To Drink And Drive, That Shouldn’t Stop You From Getting A Whopper If You’re Buzzed And You Want One

After throwing back a couple cold ones, sometimes nothing sounds better than a big, greasy bag of fast food, and it looks like one major burger chain is angling to become America’s go-to destination for satisfying tipsy cravings: Burger King just tweeted that while it’s bad to drink and drive, that shouldn’t stop you from getting a Whopper if you’re buzzed and you want one.

Sounds good, Burger King!

Burger King took to Twitter earlier this morning to let everyone know it’s cool with them if you want to quickly hit up their drive-thru when you’re a little drunk. Check out the tweets below:

Roger that, Burger King! Thank you for providing a judgement-free zone for folks craving a greasy pick-me-up after a bit of boozin’. While we can’t say we condone it, we appreciate you taking a stand for all those mildly drunk individuals who just need some onion rings and maybe a spicy chicken sandwich or two to preempt a hangover.