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10 Signs That Rick Ross Is Still Alive

More than an urban legend? These 10 pieces of evidence make a compelling case that the Teflon Don is still very much alive.

1. There’s no visual evidence of his death

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Even if you believe that Rick Ross is dead, you have to admit it’s a little bit strange that visual evidence of his death has never once surfaced. In an era when the contents of celebrities’ private lives are freely shared on the internet, it seems unusual that physical documentation of Ross’ death would never come to light.

2. He continues to release new music

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Sure, it’s easy to believe the music released under Ross’ name in recent years was recorded long before his death, but given the sheer volume of new Rick Ross music released year after year (including two new albums in 2014!) it’s easy to suspect something’s afoot.

3. His lyrics eerily reference current events

In the song “Mafia Music III,” Rick Ross makes references to Obamacare and even includes a lyric that cites “Yeezy concerts” and “Kim Instagrams.” Maybe Ross was prophetic, but all signs point to the rapper still being alive today.

4. He still maintains an active Twitter presence

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While it’s not unusual for an artist’s management team to control their social media presence, the fact that Ross’ Twitter account (@rickyrozay) often tweets numerous times each day in the same distinct vernacular he used while still alive gives one the peculiar impression that the man himself is dictating from beyond the grave.

5. His label never explicitly acknowledged his death

It’s hard to believe, but Ross’ record label, the Maybach Music Group, still has yet to make any formal acknowledgment of his death. Maybe we’re looking too much into things, but the silence here seems to say a whole lot.

6. There’s no autopsy report

Check the records all you want, but you’ll never find even a shred of evidence regarding any official autopsy, nor any data to indicate that Ross’ body was even seen by a medical examiner. That such a high-profile death would entirely elude official investigation seems awfully unlikely.

7. His lyrics often hint at a resurrection

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Listening to Ross’ most recent releases, you sometimes get the sense that he’s explicitly telling you that he’s indeed still alive. In 2014’s “Walkin’ On Air,” he raps, “I’m the son of Moses / Illuminated, resurrected as Selassie,” referencing Rastafari messianic figure Haile Selassie. Why would he include a detail like this in a song he supposedly recorded before he died? It just doesn’t click.

8. He performed at the BET Awards earlier this year

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Even the most skeptical people have to admit it was odd when a supposedly deceased Ross performed live at the 2014 BET Awards this June. Sure, some might argue the performance was clearly done by a hologram. But when have you ever seen a hologram sweat that much?

9. He did a Google Hangout last month

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If you weren’t paying attention, you might’ve missed it. But Rick Ross—or at the very least, an incredibly convincing impersonator—appeared in a Google Hangout last month with Sway Calloway to promote his new album. Strange? Some might think so.

10. He’s at his house sometimes

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If you ring the doorbell at his Miami mansion, Rick Ross won’t answer the door. But someone from his entourage will, and if you crane your neck a little, there’s a good chance you’ll see Ross lounging on a couch in the living room. Several people have tried this and reported similar results. Some will undoubtedly dismiss it as a coincidence, but with this kind of evidence, it’s hard to arrive at any conclusion except that Rick Ross is alive and well.