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10 Struggles Only Left-Handed People Will Understand

Lefties are people too!

1. Being excommunicated from your church after eating the Eucharist with your left hand. Lefties know exactly what we’re talking about!

2. Getting ink all over your hand when you are writing, “Left-handedness is a sin and I am the one who has sinned” over and over again in detention after school. Argh!

3. Remember these desks? These were absolute torture for lefties who would get handcuffed to them every weekend until they were able to break their habit.

4. Accidentally signing for a package with your left hand and then watching the delivery man light the box on fire as is mandated by law. This world was just not built for us lefties!

5. Being forced to wear the Shame Glove.

6. Giving Cal Ripken Jr. a high-five with your left hand, and then him being so incensed that he signs your baseball with “Cal Ripken Jr., the baseball player with the most consecutive games played record, despises you.” This really gets on our nerves after a while!

7. Hearing President Obama saying, “The left hand is the bad hand, the horrible hand” in the State of the Union address to raucous applause.

8. Being forced to wear the Spiked Shame Glove.

9. Your mother being summoned at your left-handed indecency trial and saying, “I have nothing to say in defense of my defective child” while refusing to make eye contact with you. So frustrating!

10. Being excited after getting an invite to the Right-Handed Council and realizing only after you get there that you will be forced to bare-knuckle box other lefties for the enjoyment of the crowd. Can’t we lefties EVER catch a break??