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11 Microbrews You Have To Try This Summer

Whether it’s a barbecue or a bonfire, there’s nothing quite like a cold one when it’s hot outside. Here are 11 delicious craft brews to check out this season.

Dog’s Name Lager: With plenty of hops and a whole lot of flavor, Dog’s Name is just what you want in a summer beer.

Deeply Unpleasant Extra Hoppy: Infuse an IPA with the resin from heaps and heaps of acrid hop flowers and what do you end up with? Harpoon Brewery’s Deeply Unpleasant Extra Hoppy Ale, of course! Not the good kind of pungent, at all.

Oops! All Berries Summer Shandy: While a shandy can have varying ratios of beer to another drink, the folks at Odell Brewing Co. messed up big this time and went all berries. Their mistake!

Twelve Dollars: Don’t let August pass you by without breaking out this deliciously complex after-dinner ale at least once. $11.99.

Barrel-Aged Extra Dark Neverending Night Porter: Crafted in the high-alcohol “Baltic” style, this new offering from Victory Brewing is a must-try for those looking to enter an opaque, leaden haze from which they will never emerge.

Zoboomafoo Stout: Arrive with a six-pack of Zoboomafoo and you’ll instantly be the life of any summer party.

Colin Meloy’s Home Brewing Experiment #6: Colin upped the water temperature a few degrees and is pretty sure he added the hops at the right time for this batch, so we’ll see what that did for it.

Undrinkable Apricot Monstrosity: Gotta love those lazy summer afternoons. Just head out to the porch, kick your feet up, and slog your way through an Undrinkable Apricot Monstrosity, courtesy of Lagunitas Brewing Co.

Untitled: Simply indescribable.

The Disease: For Imperial IPA lovers, it’s tough to beat the classic malty sweetness of The Disease.

Fuck It, Sriracha Pilsner: The technology is there, and the people calling the shots at New Glarus Brewing Co. are long past the point of caring what you think.