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12 Autumn Moments We Couldn’t Be More Excited About

A new season is upon us, and it has left us wondering: Is there any season better than fall? We can say for sure that there’s a whole lot working in its favor.

That first moment when you taste something pumpkin-flavored and resign yourself to life being this way for another few months.

That feeling of watching happy children dive into piles of leaves and realizing you can never again be one of them.

That day in autumn when you finally pack up your sundresses, sandals, sunscreen, swimsuit, and sense of freedom.

That feeling when your yearly case of hay fever comes back.

That feeling when you think of the PERFECT Halloween costume that would cost $228 to properly execute.

That first time you play touch football in the park with your friends, tear your ACL, and have to spend the whole winter on crutches.

That moment when you realize you wore way too many layers and got all sweaty before you’ve even gotten to work.

That moment when you realize you could have gotten the same pumpkin for half the price at the grocery store and avoided spending money on all that gas going out to a pumpkin patch in the middle of nowhere.

That day after the leaves finally fall, and you have a full view of the ugly, decrepit buildings in your neighborhood.

That moment you realize you’re underdressed for an outdoor event and are greeted by a resounding chorus of “Aren’t you cold?”

That time when you finally realize both your morning and evening commute to work will be in total darkness for the next six months.

That day when the jack-o’-lanterns come alive and whisper secrets to us in our dreams.

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