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2 Celebrities In Snuggies Is Enough For A Listicle, Right?

Some people might consider the Snuggie to be a questionable fashion choice, but you’ve got to admit that these celebrities wear them well! Here are two celebs proudly strutting their stuff all wrapped up in a Snuggie, which should be enough to qualify this as a full-blown listicle, right?

1. Matt Damon

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The Bourne Identity star must have been a little chilly, because he decided to get all decked out in a Snuggie! Just fair warning, this is the halfway point of this listicle. It’s a little shorter than our other ones, so just don’t expect too much.

2. Jay Leno

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It must have been cold in the Tonight Show studio the night this photo was taken! Jay Leno felt the need to bundle up in a Snuggie. It actually suits him quite well!

All right! That’s it. Those are all the pictures of celebrities in Snuggies that we could find. Does that qualify as a listicle? Honestly, the line is a bit blurred. Would three make it a listicle? Would four? Let’s be honest: The listicle as a “form” has never really been defined. Maybe somebody should write a dissertation on it or something.

Look, whether you like it or not, this is what you’ve got. Two famous dudes wearing Snuggies. If we could, we’d bring you a million. We’d bring you a trillion. We’d drown you in images of famous people wearing Snuggies. If it were in our power, we would literally smother you with content.

But we just don’t have the power to do that. We looked around, and all we found was two celebs wearing Snuggies. If you find more, feel free to pile them on for your enjoyment. If you can’t, then two is just going to have to be enough. Hope you enjoyed your listicle.

That’s right, we said it: This is a listicle! Prove us wrong.