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5 Adorable Baby Owl Photos That It’d Be Nice For You To Show Us For A Change

We’ve shown you a lot of photos on our website over the years, and honestly, it’s starting to make us feel like our relationship is a little bit one-sided. So, yeah: here are five adorable baby owl photos that would’ve been nice for YOU to show US instead.

1. Just look at the eyes on this little guy! So cute! We were super stoked to show you guys this pic, but if we can be real with you here for a sec, it’d be cool if maybe you guys could show us stuff like this from time to time, too. You know, in most relationships, there’s this sort of implied reciprocity thing going on—someone buys you a drink, you buy them one back, etc. It’s just basic social tact. So after curating thousands upon thousands of awesome photos for you over the years, maybe it’s time for you all to return the favor. Just saying.

2. Awww, look at this PERFECT little ball of fluff burrowing peacefully in a tree. It’d sure be nice if someone were to send US cute photos like this! Yes, we’re a website, and the whole deal of websites is to publish content, but there are people behind websites, goddammit, and those people like getting sent cute pics just as much as anyone else. Like, you guys do have access to Google, right? It would take literally 30 seconds for you to find an adorable baby owl like this on Google to show us, and it would seriously brighten our day.

3. Three little owl babies! Triple the cute! To be frank, we’re beginning to feel stupid showing you all of these knowing you’re not planning on ever returning the favor. It’s not like we expect people to be sending us cute pics every single day or anything. It’s more like how you might give your mailman a card at the holidays—just a little something every now and then to show that you appreciate them and their work. 

4. The biggest thing for us is that it’s not even, like, difficult to put these photos together. It’s a simple search. Type “Cute baby owls” into Google Images and hit enter. It’d be so easy for you to do that. And for us, it’s not even so much about seeing cute pics—we see plenty of those as it is. It’s more about just feeling appreciated. We spend all day long making content for you because we truly care. But no one seems to care about us 🙁

5. Well, here’s the last one. Must be nice to have all these cute owl photos so conveniently curated for you. We say “must be” because we wouldn’t know—we’re always the photo-posters, never the photo-receivers. Guess that’s just the way it is for some people. We’d really appreciate it if someone would make us feel special and send us something nice for once, but at this point we’re not holding our breath.