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6 DIY Crafting Projects To Keep Your Hired Help Busy This Summer

Nothing’s worse than watching your 17 butlers just sitting there when there’s no butlering to be done. Here are six awesome craft ideas to have your personal staff do when they aren’t busy with their primary jobs.

1. Pallet wood coffee table

There’s no better feeling than watching your hired help take something and repurpose it into an awesome piece of furniture in their free time. Your mansion’s live-in handymen can kill hours and hours as they await their next repair job working on a beautiful coffee table they’ll be proud to display in their servants’ quarters. Perfect for: live-in handymen, groundskeepers, personal carpenters.

2. Cork critters

Sick of watching your hired help just sit there with nothing to do? Here’s something cool your personal kitchen staff can do when they aren’t busy preparing you opulent feasts three times a day. There’s no reason for your staff to sit there idle watching the clock when there are adorable cork critters to be made. They’ll make great gifts for the children they never see because they only get one day off every three weeks! Perfect for: personal chefs, kitchen staff, personal bartenders, staff sommelier, staff sommelier’s butler, dishwashers.

3. Origami mobile

Building an origami mobile is the perfect craft to keep your housemaids busy after they’ve already scrubbed the house spotless. Origami is something that can be done practically anywhere, so you can even order your staff to work on their origami mobiles in bed before they go to sleep or in the bathroom. Perfect for: maids, laundry staff, violin luthier, personal tailors.

4. Race car bed

There’s no excuse for your servants to be bored when there are awesome race car beds to be made. The cool thing about this project is with a few changes to the plans it can become a luxury car, truck, or even a boat, so no matter what kind of vehicle your minimum wage domestic employees dream of one day buying, they can make themselves a bed version of it in just a few weeks of downtime. Perfect for: valets, personal mechanics, car scrubbers.

5. Scrapbook

Scrapbooking is a craft that is easy to pick up and put down, which means your staff can work on it whether they’ve got two hours with nothing to do or two minutes. Plus it’s a cool way for them to be able to look back at all of their memories of waiting on you hand and foot. Perfect for: butlers, nannies, masseuses, personal groomers, anyone!

6. 3D Q-tip snowflakes

Here’s the perfect craft for those younger hired helpers such as shoe shine girls and pool boys. Child labor laws limit the amount these younger servants can work, so be sure to stock up on Q-tips and glue so they’ve always got something to do when you legally can’t force them to work. Perfect for: servants under 14.

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