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6 Perfect Series Finales That Got It Absolutely Right

Even good things have to end sometime, but not everything ends well. Here are a few of our favorite shows that ended perfectly.

1. Cheers, ‘One For The Road’

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After 11 seasons, Cheers concluded in 1993 with a scene of poetic symbolism, as Sam Malone quietly turned off all the lights in the bar. Then he pulled back a curtain to reveal who had been singing the show’s classic theme song all these years: a cool alien who loves sex.

2. 24, ‘Finale’

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Fans knew the day would eventually come, and luckily, the show handled the finale with great care and thoughtfulness. After 365 days, Jack Bauer finally turned 25 in a small ceremony with his family and friends. The cake was delicious, and Jack closed the book on one hell of a year.

3. The Shield, ‘Family Meeting’

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Known as one of the best police dramas in recent memory, the FX series ended on a lighter note when each of the main characters gave up the badge to go in on an Edible Arrangements franchise together.

4. The Wire, ‘Sunny Days Ahead’

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Following five seasons of violence and despair centering around the local drug trade, Baltimore officials decide to begin an aggressive anti-drug ad campaign, placing provocative posters at bus stops all throughout the city. The campaign proves to be remarkably effective, and the series ends with drugs finally off Baltimore streets for good. It’s hard to think of any other show that has concluded in such a satisfying fashion.

5. Seinfeld, ‘The Ocean’

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The iconic “show about nothing” ended in 1998 with a stunning and emotional finale. “The Ocean” is widely regarded as the most narratively complex episode in Seinfeld’s run, but it is probably best remembered for a few standout moments: Jerry’s scream of horror when he learns that Newman’s album has gone platinum, George’s triumphant laugh when the messenger tells him the poison worked, and, of course, the final shot of Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer all joining hands and slowly walking together deeper and deeper into the sea until they disappear.

6. The Office, ‘Finale’

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Following nine seasons of nonstop laughs, the finale of this beloved NBC comedy was in all likelihood probably pretty good. We had a thing that night, so we didn’t watch it. Heard good things though.