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6 Things You Forgot Were Great About Tailgating Because The Last Football Game You Attended Was Months Ago And A Lot Has Happened In Your Life Since Then

Headed out for your first tailgate of the season this weekend? Better late than never, especially after the year you’ve had between last fall and now.

1. A glass of whiskey in the parking lot can be one of life’s simplest pleasures, but you quickly lost track of that when you got that XBox One for your birthday. Man, the last few months have been a blur.

2. The thrill of getting amped for a game with a group of friends is unbeatable, and you’d have remembered that if you hadn’t started dating Melissa after going to the game last year and let so much of who you were begin to fade away.

3. Tossing that pigskin across the parking lot sure takes you back to the simpler times of last December, before your work schedule piled up on you, you had to get your wisdom teeth out, your radiator broke, and you got into that fender bender in the grocery store parking lot. We’d forget how good this feels too.

4. Chatting and interacting with so many like-minded strangers gives you a real sense of community, which you haven’t felt since last November when you had to stop going out in order to get that student loan debt paid off. Congrats on getting that done, by the way.

5. There’s nothing quite like munching on a smorgasbord of snacks in the crisp autumn air, a feeling that you totally blanked on for the last six months as you focused on settling into your new apartment. That’s a fair excuse, but just look at that spread. No way you’re forgetting about that come this time next year.

6. The taste of a bratwurst hot off the grill shared with your best friends as you get ready to watch your team take to the gridiron is simply exhilarating, and you’d definitely remember that if you hadn’t taken that railroad spike to the temple back in April.

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