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7 Deliberate Misspellings

Don’t bother trying to correct us. We know we’ve spelled these words wrong, and we absolutely meant to do it each and every time.

1. Phrown

We know how this one is spelled. It is spelled “Frown.” But we spelled it this way because that is what we wanted to do.

2. Salard

Autocorrect kept changing this to “Salad.” We kept changing it back to “Salard.”

3. Permodds

Of course we know the “correct” way to spell “Pyramids.” We have made a conscious decision to spell it a different way.

4. Mulb

This one is completely deliberate too.

5. The Kwen

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We know how you’re supposed to spell “Queen.” That’s just not how we spelled it.

6. La’am

Our spell checker put a squiggly red line underneath this one. We clicked “Ignore.”

7. Larminard Darzingargle

Look, we know this isn’t the way you spell this guy’s name, but just try this spelling out in a sentence: “I cry every time I watch the scene in Titanic where Larminard Darzingargle drowns.” It’s better, right? Yes. It is better.