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7 Hacks To Get The Most Out Of Your Chipotle Order

There are hundreds of different combinations you can use to get your perfect Chipotle meal, but which ones are the best? These menu hacks will change your next burrito for sure.

1. Burrito Refills: Ordering a burrito? Next time you do, don’t eat the tortilla, and take advantage of Chipotle’s free refill policy.

2. Go All Cream: A bowl of sour cream costs just as much as an extra dollop: 50 cents! The best part? When you get a bowl of cream, guac is free!

3. Used Burrito Exchange: Bring in any old, used, or dinged-up burrito, and the folks at Chipotle will exchange it for a new one. It’s company policy. Awesome, right?

4. Tell Them You’re Full: Walk right up to the cashier and say, “My tummy’s all full,” and they’ll give you a burrito on the house. It’s classic reverse psychology. And it works every time.

5. Order A “Lamplight Burrito” To Increase Moth Concentration While You Eat: Here’s a secret menu item even the biggest Chipotle fans don’t know about. If you ask the person at the counter for a “Lamplight Burrito,” they’ll stick a tiny streetlight into the top of your burrito whose glow will attract a soothing cloud of moths to fly around your head while you eat!

6. Say “This One’s On Clooney” After Ordering: Three years ago, George Clooney opened up a tab at Chipotle and forgot to close it out. If you say, “This one’s on Clooney,” they add it to his tab (now somewhere around $3 million), and you eat free. That’s right: FREE.

7. Touch Everything: If you reach over the glass and touch everything, they’re legally obligated to throw that food away and you’re legally obligated to eat it all. Bon appétit!