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7 Things You Have To Do When Attending Your Own Funeral In Disguise

A chance to attend your own funeral in disguise only comes along every so often. Here are some things you HAVE to do in order to make the most of this special occasion.

1. Wear a brimmed hat that slightly obscures your face.

2. Remain inconspicuous by standing toward the back of the group of mourners.

3. Offer your condolences to your mother, introducing yourself as a friend of her son’s. When she asks if you and her son were close, say, “Yeah, you could say that.”

4. Throw some dirt in your grave.

5. Walk behind the woman you love and secretly place your necklace in her coat pocket.

6. Later, when the service is over and she discovers the necklace as she is getting into her car, make sure you’re standing by the tombstone, far enough away that it is impossible for her to see your face, but just close enough for her to wonder, for just one moment, if it might be….

7. Leave it all behind you and begin anew.