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8 Halloween Tips We’re Throwing At You About A Month Earlier Than You Know How To Handle Them

Halloween is coming fast, but not that fast. We know you’re busy thinking about other things right now, but when it finally comes time to think about the spookiest holiday on the calendar, we’ll have you covered with this list of life hacks.

1. Trick-or-treating with the kids is great, at least until nature calls. Make sure their costumes don’t make going to the bathroom impossible, and be sure to plan out a route with a potty-break-friendly midway point. This is exactly the kind of thing that’ll really come in handy whenever you start thinking about Halloween.

2. Still don’t have a costume in mind? Don’t stress it. There are hundreds of easy DIY ideas that are one quick Google search away. Also, seriously, don’t stress it—we admittedly jumped the gun here and you’ve got another whole month to go.

3. Eventually, you’re going to turn a corner and start thinking about Halloween, and when you do, this tip for serving your party guests shots from syringes is going to come to mind. Then you’ll know just how primo, albeit a little early, these All Hallows’ Eve ideas really are.

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4. Remember, if you have extra candy after the trick-or-treaters have come around, give it to your coworkers—the same coworkers who are expecting you to stay focused on non-Halloween things over the next month, so maybe bookmark this and read it again on your own time in late October.

5. Anytime you’re transporting a pumpkin, be careful not to lift it by the stem, as this can damage the pumpkin and make it age faster. Hold on to that morsel; it’s just the kind of advice that’d really wow you if it were published closer to October 31.

6. We’ve got some good advice on getting “Monster Mash” out of your head when it inevitably gets stuck in there, but we’d be getting way ahead of ourselves if we shared it at this stage. Come back when you’re ready. We’ll be here all October.

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7. When it comes to costumes, consider picking one that allows you to wear layers—think Marty McFly with and without that red puffy vest—to account for a wide range of temperatures. That said, there’s no way of knowing the weather just yet since there’s a ways to go until the big night; so, maybe just stash this one away where you know you’ll see it in a few weeks?

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8. Keep the fun going! If you put a little petroleum jelly on the sawed edges of your jack-o’-lantern, it retains water and prevents it from shriveling up, keeping it good to display well into November. November. Good lord, that’s so long from now. Sorry to get so ahead of you here.

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